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  • The Swing Setter develops your grip, Swing Plane, Release and Tempo

  • The Four keys to a great golf swing.

  • Using the Swing Setter for only 6 min, three times a week will give you the understanding and feel for a great golf swing.

  • You will gain power, accuracy, and consistency.

  • Use it at home, in the office, or on the practice range.

  • It's simple, fun and it WORKS!!

  • Comes with a DVD practice guide showing swing technique instruction by David LEADBETTER.

GRIP-- "Great golf begins with a great grip."  The patented Form Molded Grip by Golf Pride is on the Swing Setter helped you develop the perfect grip.

PLANE--The Plane Pointer and EX-See Clubface allow the golfer to easily see proper face position and maintain a consistent swing plane throughout the swing.

RELEASE--The Swing Setter's Adjustable Magnetic Balls (settings vary depending on strength and swing speed) promote a correct setting of the wrists on the backswing and set the stage for an accelerated release through impact.   "Sing easy and hit it hard".

TEMPO-  Consistent Tempo leads to Repeatable Golf Shots. You achieve this tempo as you rhythmically swing the Sing Setter.

"I have been using the Swing Setter for only 1 week and have gained 15 yards off the tee and 6-8 yards on each iron.  My golfing friends cannot believe how much smoother and professional my swing looks."  TCH, Dallas.

ORDER SECURELY ONLINE BELOW OR CALL 800-218-4808 or 970-209-6502

Two Grip Sizes:  Med. and Large available.  Order for $79.95, with domestic shipping included. 
Call 970-209-6502 Cell  or  800-218-4808 to order.

Getting More Distance From Your Tee Shots

From Marshall Smith, golf professional at Peoria Ridge GC in Miami, Oklahoma

The best way to get more distance is to consider where your weight is. While swinging a baseball bat, Mickey Mantle - who was a 1-handicapper at golf - had all his weight on his right leg, as well as his head back. He told me he did that because when you have a guy throwing a 100 mph fastball your way, you needed to get back on your right side to get leverage for more bat speed, as well as extra time to hit. This translates well to golf, too. Assuming you're right-handed, set back on your right side at address and have your head over your right shoulder, as if you were leaning on a pillow. Keep your right elbow right by your ribs, so you swing inside-out instead of outside-in. Leave no weight on your left side during the backswing: Take it back slowly and don't sway your body. All your weight will be on your right heel when you take it back, and then when you finish, all your weight will be on your left heel. I call this the "heel-to-heel method." It keeps you from swaying the top half of your body forward. When you come through, you release your hands and shoulders and that lets you release your hip at the same time, instead of getting it ahead or behind your hands. This is how you create all that clubhead speed. And because your balance is so good, your right shoulder will point at your target on the follow-through.


    If you are like many golfers, the back and forth motion of your putter, known as the pendulum motion, is not smooth or on path.  In other words, your putter motion is "wobbly".   Many Tour players have gone to either a shorter putter (around 32-33" instead of the typical 35") or the mid-long belly to chest-length putters. 
   The belly and chest length putters are stabilized because the butt end of the shaft is "anchored" against your body.   All of these lengths promote the smoother on-path-putter motion.   This smoother stroke means more on-line putts.  
    Custom length putters are as important to your game improvement as custom made irons and woods. Off-the-rack putters are usually 35" long--TOO LONG for most.  We make very few putters 35" long.  My personal putter is a 32" CL 2-Ball with the oversize Lamkin Smooth putter grip.  Putting is the most consistent and best part of my game.

Xds Swing-Trainer Wedges

  • Compare to the Short Game Wizard® below at 1/3 the price.
  • Heavy 250 gram shaft weight (double the weight of standard steel shafts ) makes these wedges great for:
  • Grooving your swing while warming up before play as well as playing with them on the course in place of other wedges.
  • The heavier weight helps eliminate casting and coming over the top.
  • The weight is distributed throughout the shaft and has the a heavier D7  swingweight.
  • Helps you develop a smoother tempo.
  • You will find that accelerating through the ball is easier, with fewer thin or fat shots.  Great out of the sand or rough.
  • Available in RH and LH in lofts: 52º, 56º or 60º.  Each Xds Swing-Trainer Wedge is a 35.75" and weighs approx. 20 oz.
  • Bounce angles:  8º,  12º,  6º resp.

    PRICED AT ONLY $36 plus $11 grd. domestic shipping.

Conforms to USGA Rules of Golf.

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ORDER SECURELY ONLINE BELOW OR CALL 800-218-4808 or 970-209-6502.

Order 3 or more at $34 each and save $4 each on shipping costs. Your cost of $34 each will be adjusted when order is filled.

Call 970-209-6502 Cell  or  800-218-4808 to order.


Mating Hand Positions to ELIMINATE the Slice

    You've all heard that a strong left hand (right hand golfer) is the best hand position to avoid the dreaded slice.  But seldom does this advice mention in what position the right hand should be.  Best advice I have been given is to make your two hands match each other.  That is, the V between the thumb and index finger of each hand should be pointing along parallel lines.  So if you roll your left hand to the right to see, say three knuckles, then roll your right hand equally to get the V pointing to the same place.  This "mating position" of both hands may feel awkward at first so practice it often.  It works so well that you may even find that a draw is possible.  When I position my hands in this mating position with two left-hand knuckles showing and swing down the target line with FULL follow through, the ball goes where I have aimed without SLICING!  Now, to gain even more distance, relax your arms and your grip and rotate your HIPS fully open to the target as you swing through the ball.

Here is a golf poem from Dr. Veller's book: 
Fluffs, Muffs, and REALLY DEEP ROUGH by
Dr. Don Veller

Some say that he's just shy,
And doesn't mingle,
So why does he score ten fewer shots,
When playing as a single?
But others say (who know him best);
"This difference is no surprise,
"It's not because of shyness,
"But is due to his 'perfect lies!'"

Finally, a Golf Book as Funny as it is Fun!  It's a unique collection of hundreds of Veller's best and funniest golf poems and limericks penned over the last forty-plus years. 
Dr. Veller coached football at Indiana and Florida State Universities, and then was FSU's first golf coach from 1953 to 1982 when he retired. In his 80s, he still shoots under his age for 18 holes!        

You may purchase this book from National Book Network,
Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214.     1-800-462-6420.

Handicap Above 18?  Here are some suggestions and equipment that could easily improve your play and make golf much more enjoyable!

  Consider replacing the hard-to-hit 3, 4 and even the 5 iron with the easier-to-hit high-lofted 7 and 9 woods such as the  Super Concord,  or one of the utility (hybrid) clubs such as the Power Play Select 5000,   PP System QSoooLong Hybrids, or  Snake Eyes Quick Q4U  in 17º, 20º, 23º, 27º, or 30º.  These clubs vary in price from $39 to $79.

   In addition, your irons should have good perimeter weighting, a strong cavity back, and a lower center-of- gravity.  Iron suggestions include:  the Integra X4,  Leyland LX²Integra VS+ or IIAcer XDS, or the Wishon 552.  You might want to consider graphite shafts or the ultralite steel TX 90 shafts to help gain distance without swinging harder.  Iron sets, 5-PW & SW  for instance, will vary from $125 to $200 with steel shafts and just $49 more with graphite or ultralite steel shafts.

    Another option for irons, and a very popular one also, is an Iron-Wood set.  These iron substitutes are lofted similar to irons and play like "small-headed" fairway woods.  Most golfers find them easier to hit than irons, particularly the longer irons.  We offer 7 different brands: new Avatar Launch, PP Select 5000 hybrids, PP System Q Hybrids, Silver Diamond RM-5, SVG Titan Plus, or the Tour Edge Gold Iron-Woods.  Prices start at a very reasonable $175 for a set of 7. 

   Since your short game is so important, consider carrying one additional wedge:  the Gap Wedge (AW), that is lofted between the PW and the SW.  Some good choices are: XDS TourMiracle WedgeThe Wedge System, or Integra Extreme 5.   These are priced from $25 to $55.

Proverbs for People WAY Past Puberty

The condition of a man can best be judged by what
he takes two of---stairs or pills-- at a time.