There are two main categories of hybrid clubs today with one that is a combination of these two: 

     a.   Utility Club.  This hybrid is the long-iron and fairway wood replacement.
       These utility clubs usually have lofts from   16 - 25  with low-centers-of gravity and have slightly smaller heads and lower profiles than fairway woods.  They often are used to replace the more lofted fairway woods and the long irons.  Lengths of these utility clubs are between the lengths of fairway woods and the long irons (usually about 1" longer than the iron each replaces).  You can find ours by clicking on UTILITY or HYBRID CLUBS.

     b.   Iron/wood or iron-wood.  These hybrids are a direct substitute for each of the irons as they are usually available with iron lofts through the wedges.
          They too have low-centers-of gravity, are back weighted, and have hollow heads like the utility clubs.  Also, most have face heights that get progressively taller through the wedges, much the same as midsize irons.  You can find ours by clicking on HYBRID IRON/WOODS.

     c.    Hybrid Iron Set.  These are a combination of either (a) or (b) above for the long irons (3,4,5 and even 6),  and more progressively weighted cavity-back irons usually 6 - PW, SW.  The Adams Idea™ irons were the first of the Hybrid Iron Sets to appear.  You can find ours by clicking on HYBRID IRON SETS



     1.  Most find these clubs easier to hit than either fairway woods or irons--even through the mid to shorter irons.  Their shorter lengths make them easier to make consistent solid contact, and these clubs yield higher trajectories.

      2.    They are very universal clubs:   use them off the tee, from all lies in the fairway and rough, from fairway bunkers, and for pitch-and-run shots around the green.  



    1The Utility Club.   REMEMBER--never try to "kill the ball" with the utility club.  Let you hybrid clubs do their great work.

        a.  Off the tee. Tee the ball very low and position the ball near the center of your stance but towards the target.  Use a smooth tempo, with a full swing and complete follow through. 

        b.  From the fairway.  Use a ball position closer to the center of your stance.  Swing more down and through the ball.  You want to hit the ball first and then take a small divot.  Again, you want a full follow through.

        c.  From the fairway bunker.  Assuming a good lie, postion the ball in the center of your stance and dig you feet into the sand about 1".  You want to use a shorter swing (about 3/4 back) but with a full follow through.  Again, a smooth tempo with an accelerating down swing through the ball.

            For bad lies in the bunker--Pray or let your partner hit it or call your pro.

       d.  From the rough.  As with bunker shots, postion the ball in the center of your stance and use a 3/4 back swing with a full follow through.  Again, a smooth tempo with an accelerating down swing through the ball is best.  But don't "go after the ball" as you will probably pop it up.

       e.  From in front of the green.  Pitch and run shots are much the same as you would do with say a 7 or 8 iron.


  2The Iron-woods.  Golfers who choose iron-woods to replace their standard cavity-back irons are those who do not like hitting irons and probably prefer hitting lofted fairway woods.   They often do not take divots with their middle irons. 

     Probably the most universal advice is to hit these iron-woods as you would hit your middle to short irons.  The ball will be placed more towards the center of your stance as the iron-wood becomes more lofted.  Use a smooth tempo with a 3/4 back swing, accelerating down and through the ball.  Again, use a full follow through.  Taking divots are not necessary for success but will not hurt your performance PROVIDING you can hit the ball FIRST!


     Sorry, but there is no simple answer here.  There are many different brands of utility clubs and iron-woods.  Here are some suggestions:

      1.   If you are fairly consistent with your mid and short iron shots, then consider one or more utility clubs.  Most of these we offer are priced below $45, so you could consider a couple different types or lofts.  Choose the loft(s) that are close to the iron or fairway wood you are replacing.

        2.  If you are considering replacing most of you standard set of irons, then you will want to try one or more of the iron-woods.   We have special trial offers on the four we offer: the Titan Plus Ironwood, the System Q Ironwood, the PP Select 5000 Hybrid iron, the iDrive Ironwood, or the Avatar HMOI Ironwood.  You may order just one in any of these for low $ amounts, many under $40.     Then, when you have found one you particularly like, order more of the same.